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David Hill is an enterprising drummer who is not only an immensely talented musician, but also an excellent web designer, mentor, and freelance instrument technician. Born and raised in Miami, Florida and currently residing in the Central Florida area, David is a man of many trades. While maintaining an already consistent work schedule, he is furthering his entrepreneurship as the co-creator of the brand called “Unconfined” which will re-launch soon. 

Since relocating from Miami, over the past year, David has been increasingly and frequently sought-after by local and national bands and artists for both live and studio performances. His extraordinary talents have afforded him the opportunity to work with artists such as Adlan Cruz, Flo-Rida, Blanca (formerly Group1 Crew), Jonathan Cain (Journey), Bishop Clint Brown, Four80 East, JJ Sansaverino, Sisaundra Lewis, Jaguar Wright, Mojo Morgan (Morgan Heritage), Micah Stampley, Maurette Brown-Clark, Ryan Edgar and Jonathan Nelson to name a few.

David has the heart to help and to inspire others, encouraging them to achieve their absolute best in all of their endeavors and in whatever avenues of life they may be pursuing. He is very active in his community, spending much of his time volunteering and pouring back into the youth within his community. 


One of David's biggest collective aspirations is to be a well-respected, motivational speaker, incorporating his desire as an artist to conduct drum clinics and workshops wherein he will have the ability to share his knowledge and experience by teaching others about music, everyday life, pursuing their dreams, and more importantly enjoying life and making the absolute best of each and every moment! 


David is the CEO of Hillglobe Media, LLC which provides exceptional entertainment, as well as other invaluable services, always customized to satisfy the needs of each client.

(Live Performances, Private Lessons, Studio Sessions, Drum Tuning,WebDesign, Content Creation,  Mentorship, Speaking)

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